Female Reproductive Surgeries

Female Reproductive Surgeries:

We evaluate and treat disorders of the uterus and fallopian tubes in the female. These abnormalities include endometriosis, chocolate cysts, uterine abnormalities, ectopic pregnancy, scar tissue, fibroids, polyp and other tubal related problems. Through diagnosing the reason for infertility in women the treatment can be planned under expert gynecologists.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Reproductive Surgery include:

Diagnostic & Operative Hysteroscopy

Diagnostic & Operative Laparoscopy

Endometrial Biopsy (Diagnostic procedure)

D & C Dilation & curettage (Diagnostic procedure)

All the treatments are short and comfortable to finish the same day. One can get back to their ordinary life in one or two days depending on the cure.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy In Hyderabad:

We provide both Diagnostic Laparoscopy and Operative Laparoscopy at our Ferty9 Hospital and Research Center [FHRC].

Laparoscopy is useful in detecting abnormalities present in the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure. In this procedure, a small telescope-like instrument is inserted through a small cut near abdomen/ navel to visualize the pelvic and internal organs inside abdomen, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Through Diagnostic Laparoscopy we can investigate endometriosis, uterine adhesions, scars, gall bladder, appendix, liver. Most of the clinics show priority towards Hysteroscopy in overviewing infertility among women.

Generally, Operative laparoscopy is advised after a complete evaluation of detected problem like the removal of fibroids, adhesions, scar tissue, severe cases of endometriosis grade 3 or grade 4, tubal blockage removal, tubal ligation and ectopic pregnancies, gall bladder stones removal, appendectomy.


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