Ovarian Reserve Testing In Hyderabad

Ovarian Reserve Testing:

“Ovarian Reserve” – the name itself tells reserve means storing. This test is done for measuring reproductive potential in women. It gives the number of ”Quantity & Quality” of eggs. Woman’s age is the important marker. The ideal way to analyze this through a blood test on day 2 / day3 of menses.

These Include:

FSH [ Follicular Stimulating Hormone ],

LH [ Lutenizing Hormone ]

Estradiol [ E2]


Anti-Mullerian Hormone

Through ultrasound imaging Antral Follicle Count [ AFC ]

3D ultrasound and ovarian volume

The main purpose of Ovarian reserve test is to identify whether any individual with low ovarian reserve. High FSH value may indicate low ovarian reserve and vice versa. Women with advanced age will experience ovarian reserve decreases (quality and quantity of eggs).


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