Fibroids Treatments: These Fibroid have been a most common for many women. Definitely, the fibroid will interfere the conception in most of the women. Fibroids are abnormal growth seen inside woman’s uterus. We at Ferty9 Hospital carefully examine and evaluate the severity of fibroid in females. Depending on grade and type of fibroid the apt... Continue Reading →

Laparoscopy gynecology For Infertility: We provide both Diagnostic Laparoscopy and Operative Laparoscopy at our Ferty9 Hospital and Research Center [FHRC]. Laparoscopy is useful in detecting abnormalities present in the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure. In this procedure, a small telescope-like instrument is inserted through a small cut near abdomen/navel to... Continue Reading →

Female Reproductive Surgeries: We evaluate and treat disorders of the uterus and fallopian tubes in the female. These abnormalities include endometriosis, chocolate cysts, uterine abnormalities, ectopic pregnancy, scar tissue, fibroids, polyp and other tubal related problems. Through diagnosing the reason for infertility in women the treatment can be planned under expert gynecologists. Diagnostic and Therapeutic... Continue Reading →

Uterine Evaluation: Pelvic scan / Trans Vaginal Scan [TVS] – Generally done on day 2 or day 3 of menses. Usually done to evaluate the problems in ovaries like an ovarian cyst, chocolate cyst / ovarian endometrioma. These may affect the fertility levels in many women. In addition to hormone tests the complete examination of... Continue Reading →

Female Infertility: Couples unable to conceive after 12 months of contraceptive-free intercourse if the female is under the age of 34, or if the couple hasn’t conceived after six months of contraceptive-free intercourse if the female is over the age of 35, should get themselves checked. There are many biological causes of infertility, some of... Continue Reading →

Hysteroscopy For Infertility: Women having difficulty in continuing their pregnancy can be benefited through this procedure. We provide both diagnostic and operative Hysteroscopy. It is a procedure, a small telescope-like instrument – narrow in size called hysteroscopy. It is more accurate to analyze the abnormalities present if any, in the uterine cavity and in the... Continue Reading →

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